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4 wine(s) from Umbria which are good for white meat

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  • White Wine

    Montefalco Bianco DOC

    Montefalco Bianco DOC is a straw yellow, light and vinous white wine based on Grechetto (50-100%), Trebbiano Toscano (20-35%) and other green varieties from the region (0-30%).

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  • White Wine

    Orvieto DOC

    The wines from Orvieto are cultivated in a beautiful area around the equally attractive and beautifully situated mountain city, Orvieto, in the southeastern part of Umbria, and this wine is quite likely the region’s most well-known white wine.

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  • Red Wine

    Pinot Nero di Torgiano DOC

    A pleasant red wine made from the Pinot Nero grape (85-100%), with permission to use other local, red grapes (0-15%).

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  • Rosé Wine

    Rosato di Torgiano DOC

    A refreshing, almost salmon-colored rosé, made from the same grapes as Rosso di Torgiano DOC, so Sangiovese (50-70%), Canaiolo (15-30%), Trebbiano Toscano (0-10%) and other authorized, red varieties (0-15%).

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