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2 wine(s) from Abruzzo which are good for quiet moments

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  • Sweet Wine

    Tullum (Terre Tollesi) Bianco Passito DOC

    Tullum Bianco Passito DOC (or Terre Tollesi Bianco Passito DOC) is a white dessert wine made from the Moscato alone or together with Malvasia (90-100%) with permission to add local green grapes (0-10%). The grapes are selected and gently plucked, after which they are dried prior to being pressed.

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  • Sweet Wine

    Tullum (Terre Tollesi) Rosso Passito DOC

    This red dessert wine uses the same grapes as in Tullum Rosso DOC and Tullum Rosso Riserva DOC, namely the Montepulciano (90-100%), usually together with other local, non-aromatic blue grapes (0-10%).

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Did you know?

That Italy in 2011 was the worlds largest wine producer?