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3 wine(s) from Campania which are good for shellfish

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  • White Wine

    Fiano di Avellino DOCG

    Fiano di Avellino became a DOCG in 2003 (DOC in 1978) and can without reservation be categorized as some of the finest and most distinguished south Italy can offer in terms of white wine, despite tough competition from Greco di Tufo DOCG, its neighbor to the north.

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  • White Wine

    Taburno Greco DOC

    The Greco grape produces great white wines in Campania, and this one belongs at the higher end of the scale. Greco must make up a minimum 85%, and local green grapes may also be added (0-15%).

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  • Spumante

    Taburno Spumante DOC

    This sparkling white wine is based on the grape Coda di Volpe and/or Falanghina (60-70%), with permission to add local green grapes (0-40%).

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That Italy in 2011 was the worlds largest wine producer?