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Region: Liguria

Colli di Luni DOC

Although Colli di Luna is located in the eastern part of Liguria, at the same time it is neighboring Tuscany’s northernmost zone, so it is equally shared by the two regions. The hills are located in the La Spezia province and they stretch on both sides of the river Magra, to Calice al Cornoviglio, to the south along the coast to Bocca di Magra and east to Tuscany. The zone includes the municipalities of Fosdinovo, Aulla and Podenzana in the Massa province and 14 other municipalities in Liguria.

The name Colli di Luna comes from an Etruscan city and one can see several interesting sites around Via Aurelia.

Pliny the Elder mentioned the wines produced at Val di Magra, and also Napoleon’s invading army as well as wine merchants from Genoa were familiar with and appreciated the Colli di Luna wine list.

In 1898, the wines from this zone were appointed to DOC, but even before that, they were popular for their high quality and for having a higher level of production than the wines from Cinque Terre DOC, and many believed they were able to compete with the fine wines of Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC.

Regarding the grape, the wines made from the Vermentino grape are especially interesting. Normally, one knows the grape from Sardinia, but in the 13th century, it was brought to the mainland, where it has been providing clean, clear and fresh wines. Several producers have now invested in modern technology and they swear that a prolonged contact with the grape skin produces a more aromatic wine with a slightly bitter finale.

In Colli di Luna DOC, the production is limited to two white wines and a single red wine with a Riserva type.

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